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Cities make you sick.
Start living in the countryside!

„Verlasst die Städte!”
Written by: Charlotte Roche
Published by: SZ Magazin

May 2018

About Auditory

„Ich hör etwas, was nur ich hör”
Written by: Anna Gielas
Published by: Psychologie Heute
January 2019

Two pairs of identical
twins were born around the same time. Shortly after birth the hospital swapped one brother each.

All of them grew up thinking, they got a fraternal twin brother.

One of the families had a working-class background and worked at a butcher shop. The other one had an academic background and office jobs.

„Vertauschte Zwillinge”
Written by: Susan Dominus
Published by: Reportagen Magazin
November 2015

Being constantly connected online makes us “Alone Together”. This article talks about the possibility to isolate yourself digitally.

But is that a beneficial solution after all?

„Vom Privileg, offline zu sein”
Written by: Tobias Hürter
Published by: Hohe Luft kompakt
Sonderheft 2/2018

Anger appears to be much
more expressive in childhood. What changes when we grow up: Our emotions or our behavior?

„Ärgern sich Kinder
anders als Erwachsene?”
Written by: Johanna Kuroszik
Published by: Zeit Wissen
January / February 2019

About a very unusual relationship: 35 years ago a serial killer confessed all his murders to a young police officer.

Handcuffed, they went to the crime scenes. Over time, they developed almost something like a friendship.

Written by: Sabine Rückert
Published by: Zeit Verbrechen
May 2018

Norway’s approach of putting a high tax on sweets could help in the fight against obesity.

“Fat of the land”
Written by: Lizzy Porter
Published by: Monocle Magazine
February 2019
Scientists track bats that are carrying the deadly Marburg virus using small GPS transmitters.

“On a bat’s wing and a prayer”
Written by: Lena H. Sun
Published by: The Washington Post December 2018


This is a personal illustration project for already-published articles that I found interesting.
Note: None of these are real commissions!