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One word we could use in English is the Georgian “shemomechama”,
which has the approximate translation of “Oops! I’ve accidentally eaten it all” 

Isolation Camp Nr. 18/19
Every year I back out with my crew to work on free projects in the seclusion of the Austrian Alps.
It's a time of self-discovery, full of experimentation, collaborations, nature and a simple lifestyle.
This is some stuff from Camp Nr. 18 and 19.

Rising Damp

The living culture of sourdough produces gasses that leaven the bread.

Client: Counterpoint magazine.

zeit:raum visuals (second edition)

Once again the VFX-company asked me to create a set of visuals based on their logo.
This time I took inspiration from old 3D camera parts and futuristic roboter elements.


On his night walks Chris Yates feels
the presence of nocturnal animals without
actually seeing them most of the time.

„Der Nachtwanderer“
Written by: Chris Yates
Published by: Geo Walden
September 2019

I’m not only a
Freelance Illustrator.

I’m also a:

Plant Lover
Isolation Camper
Pinball Restorer
Culinary Enthusiast
Rock Climber
Music Junkie
B-Movie Explorer
Stone Skipper
Knife Sharpener
Print Maker
Ant Observer
Book Sniffer

List Guy

Originally from Austria, I’m now
based in Saarbrücken, Germany. 

I’m currently open for commisions.
If you want to collaborate, hire me or
just say hello, write me an e-mail.

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