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Lichtfest Krems Posters

Lichtfest is a light art festival that takes place every year in Krems, Austria. In 2023 I was given ten Citylight Spots to exhibit a series of posters for the festival.
The moths in the pictures represent the visitors attracted to the event, while the light symbolizes the festival itself. The overarching theme of the last festival was mobility, which is why a different form of transportation is hidden in each moth. Since I was given complete freedom by the organizers, I created the motifs in such a way that they function as a short animated loop. This animation was shown on a screen in the center of the old town.

Lion Enclosure

Acrylic painting for Michi. One of his early childhood memories is of the lion enclosure at the zoo:
His fear of falling over the fence was taken away by his father, who said that he would just jump in after him to save him.

About Quiet Quitting When employees continue to put in the minimum amount of effort to keep their jobs, but don’t go the extra mile for their employer.

Artificial Intelligence changed chess forever. It became much less creative when players began to memorize the moves calculated by computers.

“AI ruined chess.”
Written by: Tom Simonite
Published by: Wired
September 2020
Many peaceful BLM protestors are facing long term problems after arrests: crime records are going to make it difficult for them to find a job an d continue their education.

“How Arrests Alter The Lives Of BLM Protesters”
Written by: Melissa Chan
Published by: Time
August 2020

Scientists accidentally created the Sturddlefish: It is a cross between the Russian sturgeon and the American paddlefish - two unrelated species.
A hybrid of the two was considered impossible.

“This Fish Should Not Exist”
Written by: Christie Wilcox and Quanta M.
Published by: The Atlantic

August 2020

A common symptom of COVID is the loss of one’s sense of smell. As I had to observe myself, it is very difficult to assign odors. Everything smells somehow the same.

„Wenn Riechen verduftet”
Karin Pollack, Markus Böhm, Fritz Neumann
Published by: Der Standard
November 2020

About different self-images that one forms in life.

„Ich über mich”
Written by: Anne Otto
Published by: Psychologie Heute
Sept 2020

New research in the field of neuro- psychology shows that your brain has a similar training response to muscles after exercise.

“Cycling makes your body
and brain more fit”
Written by: Philippe Tremblay
Published by: Canadian Cycling Magazine
May 2019

Remote Learning is particularly challenging for children from unstable family environments and low income housholds. Due to a lack of hardware, Internet access or too little supervision, these children fall far behind in their education.

„The Students Left Behind by Remote Learning”
Written by: Alec MacGillis
Published by: The New Yorker
September 2020
The majority of Californians live in areas where there is no drinking water. Therefore, water has to be transported from the north of the country. Climate change is now shaking that system. This is one of the reasons for the many forest fires.

“How California Became Ground Zero
For Climate Disasters”
Written by: Christopher Flavelle
Published by: The New York Times
September 2020


This is a personal illustration project for already-published articles that I found interesting.
Note: None of these are real commissions!


The struggling artist, trying to make a living from their work and contribute to society as a valued member